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Commercial roofing structures and the flat roofs installed on residential applications need to be able to stand up to particular challenges that arise from the special shape and structure of the roofs as well as from the special expectations.

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According to flat roof repair Castle Rock experts, here are some of the materials that work best for these applications:

  • Metal – this is perhaps the most traditional, most time-tested material used on flat roofing structures. Available in a variety of alloys, metal roofing materials come in rolls or sheets of different sizes as well as in a variety of styles and designs to meet the particular requirements of the building.
  • Synthetic membranes – TPO and EPDM are the two most popular solutions in this category, both of them durable, resistant, affordable, easy to maintain and easy to install.
  • Built-up structures – these solutions consist of alternated layers of asphalt or tar paper, combined with some sort of aggregate, such as mineral granules or simply river stones. Built-up roofs enjoy a long-standing popularity due to their ability to resist to almost any weather as well as to their low maintenance needs and high durability.
  • Green roofs – this option started to become popular only recently. Green roofs consist of a drainage system associated with a special irrigation system onto which layer of soil is installed along with the right type of resistant and drought tolerating vegetation. The solution is not only durable, but it can also be relied on to improve the quality of the air on the property around the building as well.