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Commercial roofing systems in Colorado can be made of several different materials. Generally, a roofing material represents the layer which comes on top of the supporting layer of a roof. It is nothing but the first line of defense for any type of building.

Colorado has the type of climate which requires strongly built roofs, which can resist harsh winds and often heavy loads of snow.

Wood shingles are among the most common choice of material for mostly any type of roof. They look great and can last for long, if properly maintained. However, asphalt shingles are more resistant, both to outside elements and to wear and tear conditions.

Membrane roofing is very popular for commercial buildings, especially if they have flat roofs. It can be made of synthetic rubber sheets or plastic sheets which are stretched on the entire surface of the roofing structure.

Bituminous waterproof roofing systems are another great choice for Colorado building owners. These may refer to modified bitumen or built-up roofs.

Metal roofing systems of all types can also work great for this region of the US. Such options offered by metal roofing Aurora installers may vary from metal shakes and shingles to corrugated alloys and stone-coated metal roofing systems. Concrete, slate and asbestos shingles can be other great ideas for commercial roofs.