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There are two basic types of roofs – flat and sloped, each one with its particularities. They not only look different, but they have different structures and are made from different materials and accessories.

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Considering the technological advancements that we have witnessed in the last decades, nowadays both types of roof systems can be efficient and durable, if you opt for quality materials and quality installation and maintenance services. However, given the less complex structure off flat roofs, these are typically easier to install and faster to repair than sloped roofs.

A flat roof is covered with a membrane. Modern membranes are single ply and rubberized, which makes them easy to install, using only special additives and some professional tools. Their elasticity makes them highly resistant, not to mention that membranes can also be patched easily if they get perforated accidentally.

On the other hand, in the case of a pitched roof, the cover is typically made from tiles or shingles fixed with nails, which must be removed and installed one by one.  This may take a while, if a larger portion of the roof is damaged. There is also a resistance structure to support this arrangement, which can also get damaged, in certain conditions, in which case the entire roof cover must be removed in order to consolidate it, operation that will last definitely longer than patching a flat roof membrane.

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