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Built-up roofs do not really get installed anymore, as their popularity went down with the appearance of single ply membranes, which are more efficient, easier to install and certainly much more durable. However, built-up roofs still exist and they must be repaired and maintained for as long as they still protect buildings.

Currently, one of the most effective built-up roof repair solutions, which also restores the aspect of the roof and prolongs its lifespan, is the application of a silicone roof coating system. It comes in the form of a spray foam, it can be applied very easily and works on any type of roof, including tar and gravel roofs.

Built up roofs can have a smooth surface, the final layer being tar, or granulated surface, the final layer being manufactured with granules.  According to an outstanding Superior commercial roofing company, a spray foam coating system works great on both types of surfaces, sealing the roof and preventing leaks. Additionally, tear off is minimized, and you get better R value and a seamless membrane.

A spray foam coating system will get you rid of the annoyance of fixing leak after leak, being a cost-effective and more long-term option.  And one of the best things is that it involves little to no tear-off at all and it will conform to irregular shapes.