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Whether you want to install a new residential roof, or you’re looking to replace an existing flat roof, metal is one of the best materials you can choose for virtually any application and any climate. In a warm climate, metal roofs can protect your home or building by reflecting harmful UV radiation, being ideally suited as what is called a “cool roof.” In the winter, they can help keep heat from escaping your home and ease the load on your HVAC unit, which might even last longer as a result.

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NWR Commercial Denver roofing professionals confirm that metal roofing also has many other qualities that have to be taken into consideration:

  1. It’s virtually fireproof, and most metals will require temperatures of well over 1,000 decrees in order to start losing their structural integrity.
  2. When installed and coated properly, a metal roof can retain its waterproof qualities for many years.
  3. Overall durable and resilient in the face of hail impact, you can expect your metal roof to last for anything from 40 to more than 75 years.
  4. Some metal roofing systems require virtually no maintenance, so you can keep them in prime condition for decades with just minimal expenses spent on a few mild maintenance and repair tasks here and there.