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Summer is almost over now, and soon travel plans for Thanksgiving and trick-or-treaters will come back in trend. Fall is around the corner and winter is not such a distant perspective anymore. In this context, building owners and facility managers in Denver should start prepping their commercial rooftops for the upcoming cold season.

This process typically starts with finding a licensed Aurora commercial roofing contractor and making an appointment for an inspection and maintenance operations.

Cleaning the drainage system

Drains and gutters must be free of debris that could block them and prevent proper water drainage.

Performing a rooftop inspection

A full inspection provides a clear view of the entire roof surface, allowing specialists to identify any structural defaults or simple vulnerabilities that are likely to amplify as the weather gets colder.

Trimming tall vegetation around the building

Removing overhanging tree limbs is important to prevent them from bruising the roof`s surface or from falling on the roof and create major damage.

Calculating the roof`s maximum load capacity

This is important especially for the winter season, when snow can accumulate of the roof and add up quickly, turning into a significant risk for the structure of the roof. It is also important to create a procedure for removing the snow and ice, when temperatures will go below the freezing point.

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