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Denver roofers

There are several types of materials from which roofs can be made, some more resistant than others under certain conditions, and having different prices. Knowledgeable Denver roofers recommend materials depending on the local climate, the particularities of the buildings and the budget of their clients.

Bituminous shingles

Bituminous shingles are a decent roofing solution and has a number of properties that continue to make it attractive. It is made of fiberglass, asphalt/ bitumen, stabilizers and granules that protect against UV rays.

Probably the reason why bituminous shingles are so popular is that they are affordable and offer a very good quality-price ratio. If installed correctly, they will protect the building for about 15-20 years. Although it seems like a short-term solution compared to costly materials such as ceramic tiles, which can last for 70 years and even longer, the good price of bituminous shingles often overpowers decades-long protection.


Whether it’s ceramic tiles or concrete tiles, these are probably the best and most popular traditional roofing materials. A tile roof is a lifetime investment and offers all the advantages you need, starting with a very good insulation and ending with a high level of thermal comfort.

Metal shingles

A metal roof is very durable, flexible, lightweight and will not affect the structure of the house at all. Another advantage is the diversity of models you can choose from, which allow the creation of very nice and neat looking roofs. The warranty for metal shingles can reach even 50 years.