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If you just replaced your commercial roof, you might assume that maintenance isn’t all that necessary. After all, the roof is pretty new and it “should” last a long time under normal circumstances, right? Well, the answer is yes and no.

A new roof has the most cutting edge technology and materials, and is expected to last a long time. However, depending on how well it’s taken care of and what the surrounding environment and climate is like, sometimes the newer roof might even break down sooner than an older one.

NWR Commercial

NWR Commercial roofing representatives tell us that maintenance is needed regardless of how old or new your roof is, although for newer systems you might not have too much to do. You’ll still have to clean the roof, use pressure cleaning for sturdier roofing systems, check for leaks and flashing damage, make sure that your roof isn’t affected by pooling (for flat roofing) and check to see if the gutter system is able to channel rainwater properly down to the ground.

These measures should apply to every type of commercial roof. For specific materials, you can also consider checking the integrity of the coating (for membrane roofs) or looking for rust, if you have a metal panel roof. Additionally, you should always consider having your commercial roof inspected at least once every 6 months.