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Castle Rock commercial roofing company

If you consider a commercial roofing project anytime soon you must first find a good roofing company to hire for the job. Professional roofers must have the right credentials in order to be able to operate legally.

Do you know what credentials does a commercial roofing contractor need?

Credentials include licenses, work permits and other certifications. They are important because they reflect the level of professionalism of roofing companies and protect you as a customer, assuring you of the legitimacy of the company you consider hiring.

License is the most important document,  and a commercial roofing contractor needs the C-39 license in order to operate legally.

What is the C-39 license and why is it so important?

This specific license is issued by CSLB to roofing contractors who can prove that they meet some specific requirements.  It acts as an ID for qualified commercial roofers, but also as a legal document that stipulates its duties.

When you get into a contract with a properly licensed Castle Rock commercial roofing company, you can count on superior materials and labor.

This license covers three very important things: the professional duties and responsibilities of the roofing company, the expected results of the  company’s project and the materials that the company is authorized to work with.