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Choosing a metal roof for Colorado might seem like an easy task. However, with so many great options to choose from, you never really know what to go for. Steel roofing, however, seems to be the material of choice when you ask local Colorado experts what roofing materials they’d recommend; and there are a few very good reasons for that:

  • NWR Commercial roofers,, support that steel is extremely durable and resilient, as well as heavy. As a result, if you live in an area of Colorado that is frequently affected by wind, storms and hail, then a steel roof will be ideal for your home and building, as it can help prevent damage through leaks, pooling, dents, punctures and wind uplift.
  • It’s also generally pretty low maintenance, especially for a metal. Similarly to aluminum, steel won’t require a lot of work, and it’s great for reflecting UV rays so that your home will be protected from UV radiation and excessive heat in the summer.
  • Steel roofs can last more than 50 years, and they often have great warranties as well. If you’re lucky enough to find a dependable roofing company that can install a sturdy and well-designed steel roof on your home or building, then you likely won’t need to deal with roofing issues for a long time.