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Denver commercial roofing company

It is really important nowadays, for any building, to implement energy efficient solutions. When it comes to commercial buildings, it is easier for them to achieve better energy efficiency, because their roofs provide space that can be used for installing solar panels. Additionally, there are roofing materials and solutions that can make an existing commercial roof more energy-efficient.

  1. Reflective coatings

Denver commercial roofing company experts explain that roof coatings represent a modern and very convenient solution to seal an existing roof and increase its lifespan. These coatings can also be reflective, in which case they will prevent the absorption of the incoming heat from the sun, increasing the level of energy-efficiency of the building.  They work great on most flat roof materials and can be applied easily, by professional roofers.

  1. Metal roofing

Metal is naturally reflective so there’s no need to add another reflective solution to reach better energy efficiency. A metal roof will prevent heat transfer inside a building, so your HVAC system will be required less often to provide adequate cooling.

  1. Some synthetic membranes

There are synthetic membranes with energy-efficient properties. The best example is TPO roofing, a single-ply membrane, manufactured in light colors, which will not heat up as much as a dark roof, under the summer`s sun.