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In case you have a commercial building with a flat roofing system, chances are you may have already heard of such materials as EPDM. This type of coating surely has many great advantages, which explain its high popularity.

NWR Commercial

First and foremost, when it is installed by NWR Commercial professionals, an EPDM roof can last up to 30 years. It is recommended for flat or low sloped roofs. It can work on extensions, garages, green roofs, etc. This resilient material does not get easily damaged by outside weather. Truth be told, EPDM retains its flexibility even during the colder season.

EPDM is very easy to install and work with. Because of that, it makes it possible to re-roof occupied buildings. Therefore, it seems like the ideal type of roofing for your commercial property.

It is also lightweight, so it does not put extra pressure on the building, making it easier for the roof to be inspected and properly maintained. Because it is flexible, EPDM can be installed all throughout the year, with no exceptions.

Due to the fact that it can come in light colors such as white, EPDM has energy-saving properties. Moreover, it is environmentally-friendly. It is compatible with green roofing systems, thus helping to improve the air quality.