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To make sure your hail damage will be covered by your insurance policy, you can start looking for an insurance premium that actually provides for that coverage. The process isn’t too difficult, but it does require a level of forethought that not many people keep in consideration.

If your roof has already suffered extensive hail damage and needs to be repaired, then this isn’t really an option anymore, since you will have to work with the insurance policy that you already have. That can be a problem if the policy doesn’t already cover hail damage, but that’s usually not the case.

So, your first step needs to be to consult your policy and look at the coverage. Does your insurance actually provide compensation for hail damage? If so, then you’re cleared to go to the next step. If not, you can still consult with a commercial roofing Superior hail damage specialist and an insurance adjuster to find out about other options.

commercial roofing Superior hail damage specialist

Next start by documenting the evidence as soon as possible. Take pictures and videos of the damage, and make sure you save all of it on a USB drive so you can easily present it to your insurer when the time is right. Then call up a professional Superior CO roofer to get a roof inspection and an estimate on how much repairing the damage might cost.

With the help of an insurance adjuster you can now put together all your documents and contact your insurer. While you might not get as much money as you’d expect, this process will provide you with the best chance to get the compensation that you actually deserve as part of your claim settlement.