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Winter can have a strong negative effect on even the most resilient roofing systems, and rubber roofs are not an exception from that rule. Despite being highly resilient and capable of withstanding the strongest stressors, it’s usually a lot better to consider at least some basic rubber roof maintenance tips before the winter arrives:

  • Eliminate all debris before the freeze sets in, and make sure that you sweep everything off thoroughly. Even smaller debris such as leaves and tiny branches that get to your roof can encourage pooling, which can have a disastrous effect on flat roofing systems, including rubber roofs.
  • EPDM is resilient, but without a supportive drain hub to help remove rainwater, it can become very vulnerable. Make sure you remove any debris from the drain hub and the surrounding areas by hand, and use a garden hose to clean the drain hub thoroughly.
  • Check your roof for holes, blisters, dents and other unwanted damage that could cause further problems as the winter progresses.

Most rubber roofs, if they are properly maintained, will withstand even harsh snow storms and overwhelming temperature drops. So make sure you follow the maintenance tips presented here and also call trusted Aurora commercial roofing company to inspect your roof and check for subtle damage before the winter sets in fully.