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When it comes to commercial roofing products, from EPDM roofing and coatings to advanced solar panel and green roofing solutions that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, you have a lot to consider when you want to install a new roof for your building.

commercial roofing Castle Rock

The thing to do when you get started is to contact your local commercial roofing Castle Rock contractors and talk to them about the issue. They will recommend roofing materials that are ideal for Colorado, such as TPO, EPDM or metal roofing, and they’ll also tell you about special features and systems that will help you improve fire resistance, energy efficiency, storm damage resistance and much more.

You have to remember of course that each building and every circumstance is ultimately different. For example, if you own a larger building and you’re in an area of Colorado that isn’t plagued with storms but has very little precipitation on an annual basis, then you might not require all the coatings and features associated with fending off storm damage.

Instead, you’ll have to look for a cool roof that will withstand the higher than average temperatures, have better insulation and ensure improved sunlight reflection so your building will be protected from the elements during those hot summer days.