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NWR Commercial

When it comes to commercial roofing a lot of people just go for the tried and trusted options. Membranes and other easy to install systems are always popular choices. But there are some materials that don’t get the recognition they need, although they are surprisingly resilient. For instance, reinforced glass is a very popular option for commercial buildings, especially those that have galleries and shops inside them. That’s because the glass used isn’t your regular type. This glass is reinforced using metal wiring that helps it in the event of debris falling on it or other situations.

Another commercial roofing solution used by contractors is the thatched roof. Originally used only for residential buildings and only in rural areas, thatched roofs are quickly becoming very popular. That’s because they have a lot of advantages to them. One of the biggest ones is that they are self-regulatory when it comes to temperature. So, they keep the cool air inside in the summer and provide adequate insulation in the winter. Granted, they might look a bit weird on a commercial building, but for those who want to stand out in the crowd, a thatched roof is exactly what they need in order to do so. They are perfect especially for smaller businesses that want that old-timey look to them. Check with NWR Commercial,, to see if this is a worthwhile option for your business.