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Castle Rock commercial roofing

Innovative Castle Rock commercial roofing contractors are always up to something when it comes to providing exceptional roof maintenance. For instance, one of the new solutions that they have for old problems is the one regarding water puddling on the roofs. Everybody knows that water damage can spell the end of any roof. The solution is to create special ducts inside the roof itself that collect and then direct the water towards the gutters. This means that instead of letting the water gather and puddle on the roof, it is eliminated as quickly as possible. Also, some are even collecting the rain water and using it as a natural way of cooling the building below.

Another solution commercial roofing contractors have come up with is to avoid sun damage to the roof. Some materials can be more prone to damage from the sun’s light than others. So, in order to combat this situation, contractors have come up with a special coating that changes tint in order to reflect as much of the light and heat as possible. This way the roof isn’t affected as much and the buildings don’t get as hot. Also, that means a longer lifespan for the roof itself.