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Whether you are looking for a new roof color to match the old colors on your exterior walls and the trim or you are planning a complete overhaul of your building exterior, your choice of roof color should be a strategic decision made after careful consideration of the available options. Here are some tips for choosing a roof color that pulls together the entire exterior design of your home and creates a really appealing appearance:

  • Use an online simulation tool – there are many online apps available that you can use for designing the perfect home exterior. Some are free, others are subscription-based, but according to commercial roofing Aurora professionals, they are all great for creating the perfect design;
  • Pair warm color with warm color and cool color with cool color – you cannot go wrong if you observe this rule of thumb when choosing your exterior colors;
  • Stick with the classics – red, brown and gray are the most popular, most widely-used roof colors, shades that match any building design, any color scheme. Using one of these classic colors on your roof will also give you a roof that is accepted by your HOA covenant – while many local regulations do not allow for unusual roof colors, most of them accept a wide range of traditional hues.