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NWR Commercial Roofing of Denver

If you own a commercial building, you may be interested to find out about the exact services offered by commercial roofing Denver contractorsNWR Commercial Roofing of Denver has a wide range of services to offer to their customers, depending on their specific tastes and needs.

Much like in the case of residential roofs, commercial roofing contractors can offer, for instance, maintenance packages. This regular maintenance may include cleaning various parts of the roof, and also inspecting it on a regular basis or after a severe weather event.

Another commonly-occurring instance is when small or partial repairs are necessary for a commercial roofing system. It may often happen for such damages to appear due to water infiltration or to aging.

Although it certainly is less common, the replacement of the whole commercial roof may sometimes be necessary. In this respect, we could state that there are several excellent options to choose from. Thus, you can choose a TPO or EPDM roofing system, which are usually recommended for flat or low-sloped roofs. Torch down roofing is another good example of highly-resisting commercial roofing solution. Tar roofing is made of several different layers of weather-resistant materials which are stuck together with hot tar.