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Denver commercial roofing

When it comes to the materials used on commercial roofing, you will find solutions that have been time-tested and appreciated by many building owners as well as new solutions that have great potential but are a bit less commonly known. Here are some of the more traditional, widespread roofing options maintained by Denver commercial roofing technicians:

  • Metal – available in a wide variety of alloys and suitable for any type of commercial roof, whether flat, arched or sloping, metal is a traditional material used for building purposes in general and for roofs in particular. Metal roofs have been around for a long time and their great qualities are likely to ensure that we will have them around for a long time in the future, too. The benefits that the option offers include durability of almost half a century, resistance to the elements, low maintenance needs and easy installation.
  • Built-up roofs – also called simply BUR, these roofing solutions initially consisted of alternated layers of tar paper and gravel, in as many layers as necessary to achieve the desired thickness. Built-up roofs have become more diversified recently, using not only tarpaper and tiny stones, but sheets of modified bitumen and other types of aggregate as well. The process of installing these roofs is quite straightforward, they are resistant to even the harshest weather and they are also affordable, so they are likely to be here to stay.