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Commercial roofing systems are usually not very complicated structures, but they need to include a particular number of layers and components, each of them installed correctly, observing the right steps of the installation procedure. Here are some of the most important components of commercial roofs:

  • The roof deck – this component practically serves as the foundation of the roof. Built from concrete, metal or wood, this is the layer that holds up all the others to be installed.
  • The vapor barrier – this layer goes directly on the roof deck and it serves the purpose of preventing moisture and air from penetrating into the deeper layers of the roof and from there into the building. It is usually made from a synthetic material similar to foil.
  • Insulation – this layer is often neglected due to money saving purposes, but it is an essential element of any good roof. Usually made from solid panels the sickness of which is determined based on the climate conditions that dominate the area of installation, the insulation serves the purpose of maintaining the temperatures inside the building stable without requiring too much energy to be used and it also protects the roof from thermal shock when they are outside is very cold or very hot.
  • A weatherproof membrane – this layer is installed on top of the insulation and it serves the purpose of adding even more water protection to the roof.
  • The roof surface material – the topmost layer of commercial roofs is the roofing material of choice, such as metal or some type of synthetic rubber membrane.

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