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Flat roofs have the lowest pitch possible. They are very frequent for commercial buildings, garages, but they are often used for homes also. The most common issues encountered in the case of flat roofs are related to water and moisture in general.

The roof is typically designed to be able to hold amounts of water. But in case water gets accumulated on a flat roof, this may lead to further problems for your roof, and for the rest of your house also.

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Aging is another issue that may be lead to other problems in the case of a flat roof. Due to aging, flat roofs may lose their flexibility and crack. When a roof happens to crack, its structure may actually get compromised. Therefore, you should not hesitate and call for professionals to help you out.

Experts agree that the best type of repairing a flat roof can benefit from is preventing any kind of issues. BBB accredited commercial roofing Castle Rock contractors should inspect your flat roof at least two times a year or after powerful storms, and so on.

The general rule is that flat roofs have to be replaced every 10-15 years. So it is very important to know the exact age of your roof.