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Although EPDM, TPO and other popular commercial flat roofs are quite resilient and efficient, some roofers will say that their money will almost always be on commercial metal roofing.

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Metal roofing has the advantage that it’s very resilient, fireproof and low-maintenance. If you struggled with frequent repairs in the past, and you need a flat roof that is more robust and easily capable to withstand strong and violent storms, then a metal panel roof is your best option. Commercial metal roofing is designed to be even more resilient than some residential roofing systems, so you’re pretty much looking at at least 50 years of effective use without the need for major repairs.

If the roof was installed properly by dedicated metal roofing Aurora installation experts, it will also require less maintenance to do its job properly. Even if neglected, a metal roof will withstand water damage, hail and snow very easily, and it will deal with  wide temperature differences as well. In places like Colorado, where the climate implies frequently changing temperatures, poor energy efficiency and wear and tear can be issues that most flat roofs will have. However, that won’t be the case for metal roofing systems, which are also designed to keep the pressure off your HVAC system, whether it’s summer or winter.