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Denver commercial roofing companies generally recommend that businesses take the time to consider carefully when to have repairs and maintenance performed on their flat roofing systems. This is especially important when winter is on the way, and if your roof is somewhat older and you’re worried that it might be damaged by the freeze.

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The main thing to consider is how the cold will impact your roof. Many materials can be affected quite profusely by suddenly dropping temperatures, including asphalt and metal. Rubber roofs like EPDM roofing might be less affected by the cold, but they can still be very much affected by problems caused by snow storms and pooling, which can also lead to structural damage to your roof if a lot of water builds up and then freezes on top of the roof.

The consensus is therefore that business owners should definitely look into spending some money on flat roof repair before the winter, even if the repairs aren’t absolutely crucial. Hire a top rated commercial roofing Denver CO company for the job, they can examine your roof carefully, evaluate any small damage that might have occurred recently, and set up a plan for preventive maintenance and repair that might save you a lot of money once spring arrives.