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commercial roofing Aurora - how to get snow off a roof

Removing snow from your roof can seem like a straightforward task, but it might be more difficult than you’d assume. The issue isn’t necessarily that it would be hard or time consuming, but that it can create very real danger for people walking around your building and cause damage to your roof, if you’re not careful.

While it’s not too dangerous for the person doing the work, commercial roofing Aurora maintenance technicians say removing snow from a flat commercial roof can spell very real danger for those below. As such, you’ll want to set up caution signs around your building to prevent people from walking in the areas where snow and ice could be discarded.

For the excess build-up of snow, it’s best to use a shovel and make sure you are gentle enough to avoid digging into the roof membrane and damaging it. Once you’re finished clearing away the bulk of the snow, your best choice will be to use a snow rake to remove the remaining layer safely and with no additional damage to your roof.

Make sure that you sweep the roof evenly, so that you can prevent some areas from being more affected than others. Also, it’s important to remove snow, ice and debris from your roof’s drain spouts and gutter system to ensure that water won’t pool on top of your roof once the snow starts to melt.