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There is a definite price difference between installing a common flat metal roof and setting up a solar panel roof on top of your commercial building. Both options have their merit, however, depending on what you need the most, you might find one of them to be better than the other.

There are two different approaches to installing solar panel roofing: by opting for solar roof shingles or choosing solar roof panels. The shingles work similarly as solar panels with the difference that they are a little thinner and more flexible. They are made from copper indium gallium selenide, and their construction is slightly more complex and more expensive than that of installing regular solar panels.

Unfortunately, not all roofs allow for the easy installation of solar shingles, and with most roofing systems, you’ll have to either completely rebuild and restructure the roof, or opt for solar panels that are cheaper and more practical.

Compared to solar panel roofing, according to a recommended Denver roofing company near me, a metal roof is more robust and easier to install. However, it’s definitely not as energy efficient. Even if your metal roof might ease your energy bill a little by reflecting most UV radiation during the summer, solar panel roofing can actually absorb that energy and reduce your energy bill by up to 50-60%.