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Superior commercial roofing company

Commercial roofing materials come in a very wide array of types and price points, each of the solutions offering a specific set of features and qualities. All commercial roofing materials are developed with durability in mind, but not all of them are affordable as well. Here are some that combine the two features, being durable and available for low costs as well:

  • Metal – the most traditional roofing material used on commercial facilities is also among the most affordable ones. The metal alloys that the panels used on commercial roofs are made from are resistant to the elements and offer a problem free durability for around 4 decades.
  • Built-up solutions – initially, built-up roofs consisted of alternated layers of tar paper and some sort of aggregate. Today the options are more diverse, with a variety of materials being combined to build roofs that are affordable and durable at the same time.
  • Membrane roofs – these single ply materials are usually made from recycled rubber or from other synthetic materials that stand out in terms of resistance to the elements. A licensed Superior commercial roofing company affirms that membrane roofs are easy to install, easy to maintain, they come for a low cost and they offer adequate protection for the building underneath for around 3 decades.