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Installing a new commercial roof doesn’t usually take too long or cost too much, even if the process is a little more challenging in the case of some systems. Nevertheless, the long term issues that could come up are worth keeping track of. Otherwise they can lead to wear and tear and even the need for getting a replacement roof prematurely.

One of the main concern is that some materials don’t last long enough. Even though they might be cheaper and easier to install and repair, all roofing materials have an upper limit on how long they can last, and for some that limit isn’t considered high enough. Others, like TPO, EPDM and metal roofs, can last for anything from 30 to 50 years and even more.

The most important maintenance concern has to do with trees brushing against the roof and broken branches and other debris ending up on the roof. Combined with rainwater over time, that isn’t something you should consider leaving to chance, as the debris can lead to mold build-up and attract pests. The ultimate result is of course your roof suffering damages and wear and tear much sooner than expected.

The direct impact of rain and hail, combined with issues like warping and pooling, are also considered a problem for the long term integrity of your flat roofing system. This is why all flat roofs should be inspected by a professional NWR Commercial roofer at least once per year.