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In the world of commercial roofing there are some products that are familiar to almost everybody. But there are also some that are generally unknown and only used by a handful of specialists. For instance, flexible cement is one of them. Granted, it may not exactly be cement, but it is a very strong compound that is used in order to plug up any holes that might exist in the roof. And the beauty of this compound is that it can be used on virtually any kind of system. That’s because it is usually used on small cracks, so you can’t really see it. This way the overall aspect of the roof remains the same. Also, it is very adhesive and it will bind with almost any surface.

Another lesser known product that effective commercial roofing Superior contractors use is special reflective paint. Commercial roofs have a lot of sun damage done to them every day. So, in order to prevent this, contractors will sometimes use reflective paint in order to cover the roof to reflect the sun light and heat. Some may think that any kind of paint will do, but this paint needs to be special because it needs to be resistant and not crack from the heat.