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Metal roofing is a good substitute for many types of roofs including single-ply EPDM roofing. That’s because it has undeniable qualities and is suitable for any type of building.

Both roofing materials – EPDM and metal – are great in their own way, providing various degrees of longevity, durability and performance. They both represent a very good value for your money if they are properly installed and maintained regularly by professional roofing companies.

However, when it comes to energy efficiency, EPDM roofing and metal roofing are not so similar anymore.

Rubber membranes are typically dark, which makes them rather suitable for colder climates, because they absorb heat and transfer it indoors, which can be a good thing during the winter, but definitely a bad thing during the summer, because it will require you to use the air conditioning system much often.

On the other hand, according to practiced metal roofing Denver specialists, metal roofs is naturally reflective, which means that the sun’s heat is kept away from the roof’s structure. This is the reason why a metal roof is considered a cool roof option. It will allow you to save energy on air conditioning, which will reflect in your energy bills.

So, if you plan a roof replacement project anytime soon, a metal roof might be just the thing you need.