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Asphalt roofs are known among the most popular types of roofing for residential buildings. Asphalt shingles are cheap, easy to install and convenient, and they also have a lot of great qualities, such a being fire-resistant and holding up well against the elements.

In commercial roofing, asphalt is used differently, seeing as most commercial roofing systems use a flat or low slope roofing installation to keep your building protected. Here asphalt is used in large, flat sheets that cover a lot of ground and can be an excellent low-cost solution for covering larger buildings with a durable layer of protective roofing material.

The good news is that, for even larger commercial roofing systems, an asphalt roof can be very practical. According to experienced commercial roofing Castle Rock CO pros, it’s easy to install, cheap and sturdy. Moreover, it can rival with many of the less resilient commercial membrane roofs as well as materials such as PVC and even some types of metal.

All in all, it’s the price that makes asphalt roofing so efficient and advantageous for a commercial roof installation project. If you’re serious about your roof being installed quickly and withstanding most of what Mother Nature would throw at it, you should definitely consider an asphalt roof for your commercial building.