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Aurora commercial roofing

Roof shingles are the most common and most popular roofing materials in North America, preferred for their versatility, attractive appearance, easy installation and low maintenance needs. Roof shingles come in many varieties and types, each of them offering different longevity, but the manufacturer’s warranty is not the only factor that will influence the lifespan of your shingle roof – according to Aurora commercial roofing experts, here are some things that you should know about when it comes to shingle roof durability:

  • The type – shingles come in three major types: strip shingles are the thinnest varieties, offering a durability of 10-25 years; dimensional shingles are composed of two or three layers and they can last for 30-50 years, while the top category, premium shingles come with warranties of around 50 years;
  • Your climate – shingles can endure a lot, but they can be severely damaged by major storms, hail and other forms of impact. When you choose your shingles, consider the types of severe weather that your roof will be exposed to and get the materials of the best quality that you can afford;
  • Maintenance – regular maintenance is the best way to prevent premature roof damage. Clean and inspect your roof twice each year and fix whatever issue you detect right away to make sure your roof is healthy and strong at all time.