commercial roofing Aurora

Commercial roofing contractors have the knowledge and the experience to handle all sorts of roofing issues, from small and common once to special problems that require out of the box thinking, but what they are most frequently hired for is a range of common roofing issues. Here are some of the basic roof repair tasks completed by dependable commercial roofing Aurora contractors and some things to know about the complexity of those issues:

  • Roof leaks – leaks are certainly the most common roofing problems that commercial roofers are hired for. The process of remedying these issues always starts with the identification of the source of the leak, which is usually an easy and straight forward process, followed by the actual repair of the leak. However, in some cases, the source of the leak is not so obvious, that is when commercial roofing specialist reach out to modern equipment, such as moisture detectors and other tools.
  • Flashing problems – the stripes of material installed around roofing features, such as chimneys and skylights, are quite sensitive to weather related damage. The solution to the problem is usually the replacement of the damaged stripes – a process that is easy and doesn’t take long either. However, even this type of repairs can get a bit more complicated if the atmospheric conditions around are not suitable for the installation of the flashing stripes or if the roofer detect deeper damage underneath the flashing stripes.