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Knowing how often to perform maintenance checks and inspections on your roof can be the difference between keeping it in good condition or having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Fortunately, commercial roofing can be pretty easy to inspect and fix, seeing as most commercial roofs are actually flat membrane or metal panel roofing systems.

The most typical consensus among Denver commercial roofing experts is that you should have your roof checked at least once per year. This is to ensure that there is no significant damage that was done to the roof and to clear any debris, nests and mold that may have formed. In some cases, you’ll also notice slight issues like some pooling that has yet to produce any leaks. If that’s the case, it’s very important that you have a roofer check up on your roof and make sure that the problem is resolved before it can degenerate into something more serious.

Although it’s not always necessary a biannual roofing inspection might be needed if your roof is a little older, or if it’s simply not of a very good quality. Poor installation, bad drainage or a lack of proper roof coating can all lead to significant damages over time, so you’d be better off asking a roofer to do inspections twice a year. This should also apply to scenarios where you might suspect that your roof has structural  damage, and you’d like to make sure that the most recent storms haven’t caused the damage to get worse.