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Flat roof repair highly depends on several factors, including the exact type of materials that have been used. The simplest type of material is BUR, or built-up roof, which consists of several layers of rolled felt.

The first thing to do is look for any leaks in your flat roof. It may be challenging to determine the source of a leak. However, it is very important to choose the basic material properly.

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Another essential detail to consider is checking older pieces of roof framing to see if they need to be replaced. Good quality flashing is also crucial and is another area that sometimes needs to be checked before repairing your flat roof.

Creating a very small slope on your flat roof may also be efficient, making the repair easier and quicker to handle by an experienced flat roof repair Castle Rock team.

A flat roof typically lasts for up to 30 years. But if your roof is already 25, you may need to do some replacements or major repair works. Another good indicator that your flat roof needs repair is the fact that your energy bills have significantly increased. Blistering, cracking, or pooling water maybe some other obvious signs that flat roof repair is required.