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metal roofing Castle Rock

Metal roofing systems are built from one of the most durable and strongest building material ever and they also use structural solutions to ensure that superior resistance to even the harshest weather events. here is how:

  • Special sealants for efficient water shedding – if your metal roofing will be installed in an area that gets lots of rain and snow, you can choose materials that come with a water shedding sealant surface from the factory or you can hire a metal roofing Castle Rock specialist to add a layer of special coating to make sure that no water and snow stays on your roof for too long.
  • Wind resistance – in the past, one of the most common concerns related to metal roofs was wind resistance. Today, metal roofing systems come in varieties that do not feature protruding components that high winds can grab. The special construction of these roofs ensure resistance to winds the speed of which reaches 140-160 mph.
  • Solar radiation and heat – metal roofing systems can also stand up to UV radiation. To enhance that feature even more, you can choose to apply special UV protective coatings on your roof. Good quality metal panels can also reflect heat, therefore they work great in hot climate zones as well.