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Commercial roof inspections are operations that should be performed on a regular basis, not just when you notice signs of damage or water infiltrations. The inspection is the operation that any periodic maintenance program must start with, and it should be performed by professional commercial roofing companies because this is the only way to be sure that nothing about the condition of your roof is going to be overlooked.

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A complete commercial roof inspection reveals the condition of your roof, the level of wear and tear of the roofing materials and accessories, the opportunities rainwater has to enter the building, as well as the solutions to fix your problems. The best commercial roofing Denver CO contractor for the job should explain the deficiencies as well as the repair solutions, in an easy-to-understand manner, and help you to take the best decision.

A commercial roof inspection typically starts from the inside of the building, especially if there are water leaks, in order to attempt to determine where are the entry points. Then the inspector will climb the roof and start observing it carefully, starting from the perimeter and working its way towards the center of the roof.  The condition of the cover will be carefully inspected which means that the commercial roofing professional will look for holes in the membrane, blisters, cracks, uplifted seems, ponding water, etc.

A professional inspection will always end up with a written report that includes problems and vulnerabilities that have been detected, as well as repair options.