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Flat commercial roofs have their own particularities, which are different than those of pitched residential roofs. They may harbor more water, the risk of ponding is increased, and, if roofing materials are not high quality and properly installed, there will be negative consequences. The situation can be even more severe if your commercial roof is old.

However, regardless of the type of problems you encounter with your roof, you must contact professional roofers, as they are your best bet to identify the most adequate repair solutions.

flat roof repair Aurora

A professional roofing company specialized in commercial roofing will correctly identify and assess the roof damage, using modern roofing technology. Repairs will be performed quickly, whenever they are possible.

However, in the case of an old roof, you must remain realistic and understand that some repairs may not be efficient anymore. That’s because an old roof has vulnerabilities that could make certain roofing work redundant.  Such an approach would be not just inefficient but also very expensive, so a professional roofer will rather recommend a roof replacement, because a new roof will protect not just your comfort, but also your budget.

So, regardless of how your roofing problem seems, you should trust BBB accredited flat roof repair Aurora specialists, because they have seen roofs like yours many times before and are the most qualified to suggest you the best repair or replacement options for your old roof.