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flat roof repair Aurora

Flat roofing structures are generally considered to be easier to maintain and to repair than arched or pitched roofs, but even these strong and resistant structures pose repair challenges, especially if roofing maintenance tasks have been neglected for a while. Here are some such challenges:

  • The harmful effects of ponding water – the configuration of flat roofs makes these structures more sensitive to the accumulation of water on their surface. If a flat roof is not associated with an efficient draining system, the water coming from rain or from melted snow might accumulate on the surface, weakening the material exposed to huge amounts of moisture for prolonged periods of time. Ponding water is also the principal cause of roof leaks.
  • Alligatoring – the issue has been named after how the roofing section that has sustained this type of damage looks. The issue affects flat roofing structures built from a material that contains asphalt and it is caused by a loss of a elasticity in the surface material that causes the roof surface to look like alligator skin. Unfortunately, noted flat roof repair Aurora specialists say that a roof with this problem is beyond repair, and the roof will need replacing as soon as possible.
  • Flashing problems – the flat roofs that have features installed on their surface, such as vents or chimneys, use flashing stripes that insulate the area around those features. When those stripes get damaged by the weather, the exposed roof area might let water through and cause leaks.