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When you consider hanging Christmas lights on top of your building, there are many things that can go wrong. One of the least of your concerns could be that the lights won’t be fastened securely and they might be moved by the wind or cause roofing elements to come down. However, there are other issues that could become a lot more serious.

Denver commercial roofing company - tips for hanging holiday lights

For instance, without proper grounding, electric discharges can result that would be quite dangerous. If you are hit by one of them while trying to set up the lights, you can end up injured or worse. As such, it’s important to handle your electric wiring properly and prevent short circuits from the start, even before you consider plugging in the lights to test them. Denver commercial roofing company owners suggest that If you’re not familiar with electric wiring and would like to avoid working with electric circuits, think of hiring an electrician to help you set the lights up.

Another issue is that of safely getting up to the roof and hanging the lights. For that purpose, a basic ladder will not be enough. You may have to consider buying a new, sturdy ladder that will support you fully, and it’s also desirable to get a sturdy harness that can act as a backup in case you lose your footing and balance.