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Colorado weather can be quite harsh on your roof. Temperature fluctuations, strong winds and other major weather events can seriously affect the integrity of your roofing system. Despite the fact that Colorado climate is not an extreme one, it is the variations which can make it dangerous for your roof.

Snow is more of an issue in the higher part of the state than along the Front Range. The heavy weight of the snow on your roof can affect it tremendously, as well as the structures underneath this roof.Denver commercial roofing

You need to make sure that your roof has the correct type of pitch, to prevent snow-related problems during the cold season. But when the snow accumulation becomes very humid or heavy, according to experienced Denver commercial roofing contractors, removal by professionals becomes mandatory.

Roofers have the necessary equipment and tools for removing snow accumulation on rooftops, so it is better to call on them instead of trying to fix this issue on your own.

It is important to know that most roofs can take up to 20 pounds per one square foot of snow. Nevertheless, the effect of this snow quantity is strongly related to the exact type of roofing system that your home has. Ice can be even more dangerous, because only one inch of ice equals one foot of snow.