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Beside TPO and EPDM roofing, metal is the most traditional and most popular roofing material used on commercial facilities these days. The material has been around for a long time, initially being the go-to solution for almost every flat roof installed on commercial facilities. Here are some of the features offered by the material that account for extraordinary suitability for commercial applications:

metal roofing Superior

  • Suitable for large structures – one of the features that distinguish commercial facilities from residential ones is the size, just think about hangars or production facilities that stretch over large areas. According to exceptional metal roofing Superior contractors, the strength and the resistance of metal makes it a great option for even the largest building, with the added benefit of being suitable not only for flat structures, but for arched roofs as well.
  • Easy installation – metal roofs also stand out in terms of the time needed for installation processes. Even the largest metal roof can be installed within a couple of days, what’s more, the installation process does not require any special tools or special expertise.
  • Low maintenance names – like any roof, metal structures also need regular cleaning and inspection, but the checks are likely to reveal only minor faults, if any at all.