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Flat roof repair can be somewhat tricky depending on the type of flat roof you have and the damage that was inflicted. Hail storms can do a number on some membrane roofs, and the slow wear and tear that affects some flat roofs over time can be pretty significant. As a result, it’s really not a surprise that most flat roofing systems don’t last much longer than 30-50 years at most, and some of them have lifespans of below 15 years.

In comparison, sloped roofs already have an advantage by ensuring that rain, hail and slow that falls vertically when there is no wind will slide right off or be deflected, rather than hitting the roof at a 90-degree angle, as it happens with flat roofs. As a result, impact damage is less likely, and for the same reason, sloped roofs can also withstand stronger winds. This, combined with the fact that it’s easier to spot damaged areas on a sloped roof, leads to the fact that sloped roof repair is generally easier than fixing a flat roof.

flat roof repair Superior

That being said, flat roof repair Superior technicians affirm that flat roofs have better access and fewer safety issues, which means roofers can work more efficiently as well as faster. So even if your flat roof hasn’t been properly taken care of for a while, and it suffered significant damage, the actual time required for most common flat roof repairs will not be as long as when you need to handle a complex repair on your sloped residential roof.