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Roof inspections are commonly used to find hidden damage and check on the roof’s overall integrity. In the spring, you have a situation where your roof is just coming out of the winter freeze, and as the snow melts, a lot of problems that were not readily visible during the winter are starting to appear.

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Most commercial roofing Castle Rock experts will recommend that you definitely need to have a roof inspection each and every spring. The reason for it is that spring is so volatile, and aside from the vulnerable state your roof is in during this period, there’s also a chance that a powerful storm could hit and damage all those vulnerable points. As a result, it makes sense to have a roof inspection each spring, to identify all the partially damaged elements and have them repaired before they can deteriorate any further.

Of course, not all roof inspections are free of charge. But when you compare the small price and the short amount of time you need to dedicate to a roof inspection and some basic roof maintenance once or twice a year with the price of an extensive and complicated roof repair project, the contrast is very strident. In most cases, you’ll be able to save a lot of money just by having a quick roof inspection each and every spring.