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Hail storms usually fall under the form of frozen ice showers, mostly during the hot summer season. Hail does not necessarily have to have a large size, in order to cause damage. But larger sized types of hail can do a lot of harm to the general structure of a commercial building.

In case your commercial building is located in an area where hail storms are likely to occur, it is important to cover your property with the right type of insurance.

The commercial roof areas which tend to be more vulnerable to hail damage are: gutters and downspouts, exterior walls, the roof’s structural decking, etc. Moreover, the commercial roofs which can be affected by hail storms are typically made of composite shingles, EPDM, metal, ceramic and cement tiles, TPO, built-up, and so on.

Many insurance companies include hail damage on their list of potential damages which can be covered. Nevertheless, an insurance company will have to consider certain details when adjusting a claim.

Superior commercial roofing

After a major hail storm, you should always have your commercial roof inspected. There can be cracks, indentations, fractures, membrane punctures, and so on. These areas need to be repaired asap to ensure further damage is not imposed. Although there may be no sign of leaks, hail storms can still weaken the structure of the membrane, which can shorten the lifespan of your commercial roof. Contact NWR Commercial,, for quality inspections, honest feedback, and competitive pricing.