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Sloped roofs and flat roofs are two different things. The first category includes the so-called residential   roofs, as most of them are installed on homes, while the second category includes mostly commercial roofs.  However, considering that there are also homes with flat roofs as well as commercial areas situated into older or even historical buildings with pitched roofs, the question is what specialist you should hire to fix your commercial roof?  Do commercial roofing contractors also work on sloped roofs?

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The thing about flat and sloped roofs is that they not only look different, but they have different structures and are made from different materials.  That’s why roofing companies get specialized either in commercial roofing or residential roofing and, considering that specialization is a proof of professionalism, you should choose a roofer specialized in your type of roof.

In other words, if you have a modern commercial building with a flat roof, hire a commercial roofing Aurora CO contractor that knows everything about working with membranes.  On the other hand, if your business is located into an older building, with a pitched roof, hire a residential roofer that knows how to deal with tiles, shingles, gutters, downspouts and attics.

Remember that just because a roofing company is licensed, does not mean that it is also experienced in all types of roofing. As a commercial building owner, you should always sign a contract with a roofing contractor whose core competencies lie in the commercial roofing area.