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Flat roofs are one of the most commonly seen types in contemporary design. Apart from their obvious practicality, flat roofs are environmentally-friendly and affordable.

Metal roofs have a sleek appearance and an impressive lifespan, of about 50 years. Metal roofing Denver install specialists say that metal roof designs can vary from black to lighter colors, and the latter makes a great option for areas with high temperatures in the summer.

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Singular sloping roofs can offer a dramatic appearance, which makes them a trendy and creative option for your home. Moreover, they can host panel roofs.

Like their name suggests it, butterfly roofs are built to resemble the wings of a butterfly, and can give your home a completely outlandish and serene appearance. It basically looks like an inverted sloped roof, flipped on its axis. If you use materials such as shingles or TPO, a butterfly roof can also be cost-efficient.

Modern balcony roofs are another creative option for your home. The thus-obtained structure may be considered a porch, but that does not change the charming effect it can create.

Curved roof designs can look more appealing and inviting than the classical sharp-angled ones. They also can give you a feeling of safety.

Saw-tooth roof design was created for families who need smaller space compartmentalization and can render a contemporary appearance to any home.