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Colorado winters are known to be harsh, so it is best to take the necessary precautions to keep your roofing system safe during the cold season. Despite the fact that most roof damage occurs here during the hail storm seasons, i.e. in spring and summer, winter can also be a dangerous season for your Colorado commercial building.

The strength of the winter winds can pose a threat to the general safety of your roof. Such winds usually occur during heavy snowfalls. Strong winds can damage your shingles, so be sure to check on the state of your shingles from time to time. Also, they can cause branches to fall on your roof.

In fact, tree damaging during heavy wind events can be quite dangerous for any type of roof. Of course, such damages can depend on the exact size of a tree. You should ask for help as soon as problems appear, otherwise they can grow bigger, especially in case of roof holes.

Although ice dams are more common in the case of sloped roofs, expert commercial roofing Aurora CO contractors assure us that commercial flat roofs can also be affected by excessive snow, which can melt and cause water pooling or infiltration inside your building. Also, they may lead to mold, algae or fungi.