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Superior commercial roofing

In case there was a hail storm recently in your area, it is always a good idea to call Superior commercial roofing storm damage assessment experts to check on the state of your commercial roof. Despite the fact that hailstorms can certainly be destructive, the exact degree of damage can vary a lot.

Thus, the direction of the wind can highly influence the damage cause by hail. Because of that, the impact of hail storms can also be less easy to quantify.

The impact can also depend on the type of material that your commercial building’s roof is made of. Hail can crack wood or vinyl shingles, while only cause dings in aluminum sidings.

There are certain barriers which can protect your building from hail’s strong impact, such as neighboring structures, trees, fences or other landscaping elements.

Shingles can have a different reaction to the impact of hail storms. For instance, wood shingles tend to be more affected than asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles may present loss of granules, mat surfaces getting a shiny appearance, or hail hits that have a dark color.

At the same time, we could mention that there other climate-related details which make your commercial roof more vulnerable to the destroying impact of hail storms. The natural wear and tear also plays an important part in all this.