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Denver Roofing

Weather can be largely unpredictable regardless the season and may affect any type of residential and commercial roof. Even if we are talking about light rain, snow and other mild phenomena, they have the potential to damage a roof in time. Not to mention severe weather events that may result in quick and extensive damage!

It is important to understand how different weather elements may affect your commercial roof in order to be able to schedule the best preventative operations and make the appropriate repair decisions.

Accomplished Denver roofing contractors are well aware that bad weather may occur during any season – and that they must be prepared for it.

For example, winter weather brings moist and freezing conditions that may favor the apparition of ice dams, which can affect the condition of the waterproofing membrane. Even a small amount of thawing water has the potential to open up the roof to water leaks.

On the other hand, summer weather comes with its own challenges. Intense heat, UV radiation, storms with strong winds and hail may cause severe damage and weaken a roof.

As for spring and autumn, roofing problems that tend to appear during these seasons are related to large quantities or rain and falling leaves that may trigger the growth of mold and mildew in some roofing materials, or clog the drainage system.